Saturday, April 11, 2015

The dream

No, I'm not speaking metaphorically.
Wanted to record the dream, in which I met my friend V. at her monastery and I tried to hear what she had to say. In the tumult of people around I had trouble listening. I said "it has been a long time, I am not used to your syntax, can we go someplace more private?"

We walked out of the building, across fields and wet ground. I noticed that beneath her robe she wore kitten heeled red paisley shoes, like something from the pre Revolutionary days in France. I didn't ask her about them, but noted that the heels sank into the mud, awkwardly.

I said to her "you wouldn't believe how much we've gotten done at the land" and she looked at me, inquiring. Of course, I said, we hadn't really built anything yet....

We came to the edge of city, and stared between the narrow walls of the start of an alley. And there it ended.

V. was the first on the land, she and my partner built the original 12 by 12. And I can just imagine, in real life, her practical concerns. She said to me back then, "why on earth didn't you marry a plumber?"

P. says they were ever Mary and Martha, with the industrious and talented V. being Martha. Whereas we are definitely Mary and Mary, the babes in the wood, the most cloud headed souls on the planet. But we did raise three children, and we have survived.

And hey, we have done a lot on the land. Step by step.

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